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Many Times We Want To Send Some Confidential Information such As Login Credentials Of Bank Accounts Or other valuable information To Anyone.Many of us  are Afraid to send these kind of Information Over the Internet Because Now a days Hackers are Ruling On Cyber World.

But After My Today's Post You will Know How To Send Confidential Information securely By Protecting It With A Password By Using Lockbin.

First Of all What Is LockBin?
Lockbin is a web application For sending Private Email Messages and Files in A password Protected Environment and The best thing about this is Its Free. :)

So Lets Start To Use Lockbin

STEP 1: Go To

STEP 2: Fill Up the Required Fields In form.

STEP 3: Give Any Secret Password For Your Mail. And also Give It To your Recipient that only He/She Can Open The Mail.

STEP 4:Press Submit Button To Send The Mail.

NOTE: The Receiver Usually Get This Mail In Spam Folder So Inform Him To Check Spam Folder To Get The Email.

Enjoy.. :)

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