Sunday, 25 March 2012

Use Facebook Without Internet Connection

I know Title Of  Post Sounds somewhat funny but friends You can use facebook with no internet connection And Even On Phones Which don't Have Internet Support.
And the best thing is that its Completly free.Facebook India has partnered with Fonetwish to bring Facebook on every mobile phone without requiring any apps or even the Internet.Now you can able to use facebook on cell phones like 1100.which don't have any browser or internet facility.

The only You have to do is to  dial *325#
from your mobile phone and follow the instructions.

First of all it asks for Facebook username and password,You have to enter these information via a number based command Prompt.

After You get in.You will see a menu like 
  1. news feed
  2. update status
  3. post on wall.
  4. friend request.
  5. messages.
  6. notifications.
    *Account settings.

    You have to enter desired Number in a number based command prompt for accessing your account.

  • This Service is only available in India.
  • This Service Currently available On selected operators like Airtel, Aircel, Idea and Tata Docomo users.
  • Access to facebook account and Status updates is completely free.If you also want to use features like Notifications, updating friends wall you have to subscribe to Fonetwish premium plan which is very cheap.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Generate Fake Facebook Conversations

Hello Friends,
Have You Ever Wondered when Some Of Your Friends Upload A Snapshot Of Conversation With A big Celebrity ?

I Think The Answer Is "Yes"..

Some Day Ago One Of my Very Good friend Uploaded A Snapshot of Conversation With Bill Gates.I got Surprised and with in a half hour I found the way How he done that.

So Guys Today i will Share That Trick of Generating fake facebook conversations With You.
You can Construct Any Kind Of Fake Facebook Conversation With anyone Including Your friends :).

  • You Have To Click On Confirmation To add That Application In Your Facebook Profile.After That You will See Something Like This.
  • You Can Create Any Kind Of Posts By Using "Wall Machine".I am Creating A simple Status Update You can Also Create Relationship Status Update,Friendship Update,Like Update,Event Update E.t.c By Clicking On The Bottom On The Page.

  • The website Is Very Much User Friendly. You only Have To click On the Thing Which You want To Edit.You Can Also Change The Time Of posts,Likes On Posts E.t.c To looks It Real.
After That Click On Save Then Give A post Title and Post Category. And Click On Save Again.

  • After That Save You will See Something Like This.

Yes You Are Right There Is No Download Option To Download Your Fake Wall Post. :(

But Why To Worry On TechWarLock.
Simply Take A Snapshot Of entire Screen By Pressing "Prt Scr" (Print Screen) Key.
And Paste That Image in Paint. After That Crop That Image To A Viewable Size.And You Are Done.
Lets See I Also Edited Mine One By Using Paint.And Final Fake Post Looks Like This.. :)

Now upload That fake facebook conversations Snapshot On Facebook And Give A shock To Your Friends!!!

For More Cool Tips and Tricks Stay Tuned With Us..!!

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Friday, 23 March 2012

How To Spot A Fake Facebook ID

  • Facebook the Second Biggest Site Of internet Created A virtual World On internet and Changed The Trend Of Soical Networking.

    The current population of Facebook is just over $300 million users and is close to passing the population of the US which is $307 million.

    But Approximatly 100 Millions Account are Fake and About 80% of Fake Profiles Created By Boys as A fake Girl's Profile.Many peoples are also using 2-3 or even more facebook profiles to fool others.

    Today i will Show You The way to Spot A Fake Facebook ID. :)
    Don't Worry You Can Apply This Trick To Spot Fake ID On Other Social Networking Sites Like Google Plus,Twitter e.t.c

    Sometimes Guys Uses Fake Girl's Profile To fool Us.They Put A Gorgeous Model Celebrity Photos As A Appeal For send request to them and Accept Request From Them.
    So how will You Spot A Fake Facebook ID If the Profile Contains Every Information Looks Like Actual and Also A Less Known model's Photograph As Her Profile picture.

    The Answer Is Simple By 'Googling'...:)

    Yes!! You heard it Right...Google Also Have a Option By which You can Search Information By using Any Image.This Is Very Handy Feature Introduced By Google Known As Google Goggles.:)

    Lets See How You Can Do That.
    Yesterday A girl Send Me a Friend Request But i Am Confused That Whether her Account Is Real Or Fake..So i am Going to Find out the Truth Behind Her Profile.. :)

  • First Of all Go to That Suspected Fake facebook Account.
      • Then After Download His Profile Picture.
        To Download His Picture Click On The Image And Then "Save as" and Then Save It On Desktop.
      • Then Next Thing You Have To Do That Is To open
        In Your Browser.
          And Click On Camera Sign In Search Bar As You Can See In image Below.
      • After that A Small Bar will Open.Select "Upload an image".
        Then Browse The Downloaded Image. And Finally Upload That Image.

      • After That You Can able to find a Number Of Search Results Based On that Image.As You Can See Below.

      As You can See In First Image. The Girl Who Send Me A Request Have name "Jyanthika".And Claims That The Profile Pic Is her. But At The Last Image we Can Find Out The Reality Of her Profile By Google Image Search.Originally The Profile Pic Is Of "Samantha". Who Is Actually A tamil Actress. :)
      Bingo You Had Spotted A Fake Facebook ID!!
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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nokia Bluetooth trick To Keep Your Friend's Bluetooth ON For Forever

We Have Already Discussed Many Cool Mobile Tricks.
Those Who didn't viewed My last articles on mobile phone tips and tricks.
Can Go To here.
Mobile Phone Tricks Index
Hope You Enjoy.

So Friends Coming To the Point. Today I will Show You a Small Mobile Phone Bluetooth Trick. By Which You can Able To make Frustrate Your Friends.By Keeping Their Bluetooth ON For Forever.

We Know That When Bluetooth Remains Enable Phone Consumes Battery At A rapid Rate.So What Will Happen If You Switch On Bluetooth Of Your Friend's Phone and They Can Unable To switch That Off.
This Is Really A Nice Bluetooth Trick And Doesn't Need Any Software To Do That... :)

Lets Take A look How We can Able To Do That.
  • Just Switch On The Bluetooth Of Your Friends Phone.
  • Press *#9990# .
  • Done!! Anyone Can't able to  Switch Off Bluetooth Now.

    Now If you Want To Switch off Bluetooth.Then Just Switch Off Your Phone For  5 Minutes. And then Try To switch Off Bluetooth. :)

    Note:This Bluetooth Trick Is Tested By Me On Nokia Phones Like 3500,3100,5300..Some Nokia Phones Doesn't Support This Trick...

    Posted Under Mobile Tricks.
Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Trick To Fresh Install Of Windows Xp in 10 Minutes

Hello Friends How are You...Hoping That You all Are Feeling Good Here..
So Friends Today I am Going to show Something Interesting As well As Handy Trick.

Formatting And Fresh Installation of Windows Xp is a lengthy and boring Process But we all Have To do that.
Sometimes In a Month And Sometimes in A week.
Its Approx 40-60 minutes long process.But Friends Today I will Show You how To format Or Fresh Install Xp in Just 10 minutes.
So Lets Take A look.

To perform a clean installation of Windows XP, follow these steps:

  1. Start your computer from the Windows XP CD. To do this, insert the Windows XP CD into your CD drive or DVD drive, and then restart your computer. 

    To boot from your Windows XP CD, the BIOS settings on your computer must be configured to do this.

  2. When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press any key to start the computer from the Windows XP CD.

  3. At the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to start Windows XP Setup.

  4. Read the Microsoft Software License Terms, and then press F8.

  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to select and format a partition where you want to install Windows XP.

  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Windows XP Setup.
So Friends Above All Is Only Normal Process. The main Part Begins From Here...

STEP 1 : After the Copy Part is Over ... System is Rebooted as we all know In general Formatting Procedure...
Now After Reboot The Below Image Will Appear....

STEP 2: Now As This Image APPEARS You Have to Press  "Shift + F10 "  . This Will Open The command Prompt...  Now type  taskmgr  in it. This will open the Task manager .

STEP 3 : After The task Manager Opens Goto Processes ... And Find "Setup.exe"  process and Right CLICK on It.... and set the Priority to Highest....

: Now Just Wait And Watch It Will Completed In 2 minutes To 9 Minutes. Vary From System To System.


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Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Hello Friends,

Do You know about 6,00,000 facebook accounts got hacked daily.Its very easy to hack a facebook account coz hackers are introducing new methods day by day to crack your system's security..Its Difficult Job To Maintain Security Of Your Facebook Account Without A Prior Knowledge Of Hacking...that's why Today i am Going Writing a article on countermeasures to avoid hacking.

so lets start.

  • First of all log in to your facebook account then go to account settings then after go to security tab.
  • in security tab.the first options says.

    Secure Browsing: Enable it.
    when You use secure browsing.Your Default Connection Sets To Https Insted of Http.
    Http Stands For Hyper Text Transfer Protocal. When We use Http Our Browser And Server Create Communication In Normal Language. But On the Other Hand Https stands For Hyper Text Transer Protocal Secure, When We Use Https Browser and Server Talks In encrypted Language. So Chances Of Man In The Middle Attack Gets Reduced. In 'MITM' a Third Person or Brodly Says Hacker Can Listen The Communication Between Browser And Server.

  • Now Come To second Point,Again Go To account settings then after go to security tab.
    in security tab.the Second options says.
          LOGIN NOTIFICATIONS: Enable Login Notifications.

       Note: Enable Both Email And Phone Notifications.

          It is Necessary To enable Login Notifications Because    facebook can notify you when your account is accessed from a computer or mobile device that you haven't used before.

Now Settings Part Is Completed.
So Lets Begin To Avoid The Possible Technique By Which Hacker Can Hack Your Account.

  • First of All Keep Your Primary Email Address(ie. gmail,yahoo,hotmail e.t.c) Password diferent from facebook password never Keep Both Password Same.

    Lets Say if Someone Hacks Your facebook account and changes Your facebook  Password.. Then You can Get Back Your Password By Clicking On forget Password link.But If Both Password Are Same.Then Anybody can Change Both Passwords easily and You will Lose Your Accounts For Forever. :( 
  • Many Hackers Hack Accounts Via Phishing.Phishing is an e-mail fraud method in which the hacker sends out Exactly Same Looking Website Address in an attempt to gather personal and financial information from recipients.
    So Never Give Your Creditials On false Websites. If Anyone give You link Like... Or Then Never Give Your Email address and Passwords there.
    Always Do give Your Password To Only "Facebook.Com"
    Otherwise You Will Be hacked.
  • Keylogging Is Also A method By Which Anyone Can Got Easily Haked.
    The Entire Process Is known As Keylogging and The Software Used In it known as keylogger. Keylogger is most intelligent tool to secretly capture all typed keystrokes activities of your kids, employees, family members, relatives, friends on computer system And Save Them In A File. That File Can Be Sent To Hacker Via Internet.
    To Avoid keylogging. Always Use a Good License Version Antivirus Software and Regularly Update and Scan With It.
  • Always Give A unpredictible Security Question Answer.
  • Never Add  Unknown Persons In Your Account.Facebook Have A Vulnerablity To bypass Security By Using Of Your Three Friends.
  • Lastly Countermeasures for Trojan: Trojan Are Dangerous Kinds Of virus They Can Work As Keyloggers And Give Hacker's a acess To Your System.To Avoid Hacking With Trojan. Always Use a Good License Version Antivirus Software and Regularly Update and Scan With It.One More Important Thing Trojan Can Be Binded Or crypted With Any Software,Image,Video Or Any Kind of File That Makes Them Undetectable.So Never Download Anythings From suspected Sites Like ziddu Or Mediafire.
So Guys...These are the some most used methods by which profile can be hacked by hackers...So next Time when you use facebook keep remember these countermeasures....Be Safe..Be Happy :) !!!

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Enjoy Facebooking..:))
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Trick To Recover Deleted SMS From Your Nokia Device

Hello Friends..

This Is my very First Post On TechWarLock. I hope You Find It Interesting.In today's scenario every one have a cell phone even a 15 years buddy also.Cell phones Are The Very Best thing To keep in contact with Your dear ones. But sometimes We face some problems just because of these.

Have You Ever Faced A situation like in which You have stored some Important messages in your inbox and accidentally the message got deleted.
I Think "Yes"....Almost Everyone Faced This..So  Today I will Show You how To Recover deleted  SMS from Your Nokia Device.By using This Trick You can Able To Recover Your Deleted Sms For Your Nokia Symbian Device..
if you are Using a Java Based Nokia Phone Then Go To Bottom of this Post Where You will Find A Link To my other article to Recover Deleted SMS From your Java Based Phones.

Lets Begin...
      And Install It On Your Phone..

  • Launch FExplorer and navigate to
C: if you use Phone Memory to
store your messages (default) and

D: if you use Storage Card as your
SMS storage location.
  • Now navigate to and open "system” folder.
  • Now open the "mail” folder.This folder should contain many folders named similar to 0010001_s etc. with files named similar to 00100000 etc., These files are the actual deleted messages.

  • use FExplorer inbuild text viewer to view these files, You will need to browse through every folder and open all files inside them until you get the required SMS.

Note: this trick does not work on Symbian 3rd Edition
cellphones Like N73 e.t.c.

If You Want Same Trick For Your Java Enabled Cell Phone Like Nokia 5300,5233,3500 And So On..
Then Read My our other Trick To Recover Deleted SMS From Java Based Cell Phone From Here...