Thursday, 4 October 2012

How To Run Android Apps On Windows Xp,Windows Vista Or Windows 7

Now you can run all of the famous Android Apps on your Windows PC.This is the easiest Tutorial to all those who wants to test the apps without wasting their time.

To run Android applications on windows xp,vista or windows 7,all you need is a small andorid emulator which you have to install on your pc.

there are lots of android emulator exists in market but we are using one of the well known "Blue stack BETA". the
earlier version is "Blue Stack Alpha" which is  only compatible with  Windows7 PC’s and Windows8. Best part of new beta edition is basically converting the ARM compatible Android apps to run on x86 platform and that too with a great efficiency. Or simply it means Now the software is compatible with Vista and windows7 and Windows XP also.In new Blue stack BETA Users can download applications from GetJar, 1Mobile, and Amazon and test them on windows machine. So apps will be downloaded by the software and install with in it.

You can download Bluestack BETA From Here:

After downloading install this on your windows machine and then signup by using your facebook or bluestack account.
after login download android applications and run them on your windows machine..:)
isn't it easy..try out yourself..and post comments.. :)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Trick To Create A Empty Huge File

Yesterday somebody asked me that "Is it possible that a empty file can be huge as 1 million bytes.."?
So here's the answer.. :)

off course its possible.You can create a file of any desired size by using the utilities provided by Windows.
So here's the step by step guide to create a Empty Huge File.
  1. First we have to convert the desired file size into hexadecimal notation. You can use the Windows Calculator in Scientific mode do to this.To use Windows calculator in scientific mode Open calculator,click on view and select Scientific instead of Simple.

    Suppose you want a file of 1 million bytes.
    Enter 1000000 in the calculator and click on the Hex option to convert it (1 million in hex is F4240.)

    Pad the result with zeroes at the left until the file size reaches eight digits—000F4240.

  2.  Open Command prompt by typing "cmd" in Run.

  3. Type Command "Debug BIGFILE.DAT" without Quotes.And Ignore the File not found message.

  4. Type RCX and press Enter. Now Debug utility will display a colon prompt.
    Enter the last four digits of the hexadecimal number you calculated,For i.e: If your calculated Hex Code is 000F4240 Then you have to enter 4240.

  5. Type RBX and press Enter,Then Enter the First four digits of the hexadecimal number you calculated,For i.e: If your calculated Hex Code is 000F4240 Then you have to enter 000F.

  6. Enter W for Write and Q for Quit.

    You have just created a Empty file of 1 million bytes..You can create empty files of any size by following these easy steps.

Friday, 7 September 2012

How To Close Open Ports

As you know i am preparing for CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) from several months.
Yesterday i found something interesting when reading the topics of Trojans from my CEH study material. Yeah you are right Trojans are backdoor programs that create a connection with the help of open ports many of us are suffering from Trojans.they are one of the dangerous weapon for hackers.

If a hacker install a Trojan on your computer then he can do anything with your computer while sitting to thousands of km far away from your computer.After a successful installation of Trojan hacker can use your computer as a Zombie computer and can do any kind of illegal work with your IP address Or even can able to delete your valuable data.

Today i will show you how to be keep yourself safe by closing open ports.
Ports are the Application specific End points which provide connections in a operating system.
when you are connected to internet each network process use a different port.
for yahoo messenger uses a different port,your browser uses a different port to establish a connection with network.

As we discussed about Trojans earlier,when a hacker installs a Trojan on your computer..he need a open port to create a connection from your computer to his computer.
To keep our self save from this kind of attacks we need to close our open ports.

I searched a lot in my CEH study material on "how to close a open port" but didn't succeed..then after decided to do it myself.

After 4 hours of consistent hard work i found a way by which we can able to close open ports..
To close open Ports..Here's The Procedure..
  1. Go To Start And Then Run.
  2. Type "netsh firewall delete portopening TCP PORTNUMBER" without Quotes and PORTNUMBER is the Number of your port which you want to close.
    if you want to close PORTNUMBER 8080 Then the command to close PORT 8080 is.
    netsh firewall delete portopening TCP 8080.
  3. Now Press enter and Your are done..

I also try to created VB Script and .bat file for both commands.

Vbs Script to close open ports..Just copy and paste below coding to notepad file and save as PortCloser.vbs

set ss = createobject("")
set ws = wscript
dim PORT
PORT = InputBox("Enter the port you wish to close:") "netsh.exe"
ws.sleep 1000
ss.sendkeys "firewall delete portopening TCP " & PORT
ss.sendkeys "{enter}"
ws.sleep 500
'ss.sendkeys "exit"
'ss.sendkeys "{enter}"

.BAT Script to close open ports..Just copy and paste below coding to notepad file and save as

@echo off
title Port Closer
echo Port Closer
set /p port=Type the port number you wish to close here:
netsh firewall delete portopening TCP %port%
msg /w * Port %port% has been closed.

For any Queries regarding this..put your valuable comments..
Monday, 3 September 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite Review With Phone Specification

Samsung is now decided to expand its Galaxy y Duos family in India.Recently Samsung had announced that they are officially launching Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite on 5th of September 2012.And its really a good news for android lovers.
Pre-Booking of samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite had been started and you can order that Samsung e-store on a minimal advance payment of INR 1000.

The best thing about Duos Lite is that its a dual sim Phone with lot of specifications and a best price in between
6000-7000.that clearly shows that Samsung is going to change according to marketing trend of Indian users.

Full Phone Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Y are As Follows:
  • Dual-SIM (GSM + GSM)
  • Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Operating System.
  • 832MHz single-core processor.
  • 2.8-inch QVGA display With LCD Capacitive Touchscreen.
  • 2MP primary camera With micro sd card support.
  • Good Thin tough look.
  • 1200 mAh battery.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity.
    If you are looking for a cheap android phone with lot of specifications and also with Samsung's brand name..then you have to consider this phone.
Sunday, 2 September 2012

Trick To Increase Facebook Group Member With Facebook Auto Adder JavaScript

Hello Friends..

Sorry for my inconsistency on Techwarlock,I was busy with my exams that's why didn't able to concentrate on blogging.
but belive me after my today's post you will forgive me for my inconsistency on blog posting.. :)

So,coming to the topic again today i will show you a cool java script by which you can easily able to increase your group members on facebook.This is really a cool javascript and i tried it on my group and got approx 150000 members in just one day..isn't it sounds cool..

So without taking much of your precious time..Here the process..
  1. First of all Make Sure Bookmark Bar is
    visible. If not visible then right click on the top of Firefox and select "Bookmarks Toolbar".
    This will make Bookmark Bar visible.

    For Google Chrome Users Simply Press Ctrl+Shift+B

  2. Copy the following JavaScript & paste it on Bookmarks Toolbar as you can see in image below.

  3. This will create a bookmark "javascript:(function(){" in the bookmark bar.

  4. Log In to Facebook
  5. And Go To any of the facebook group.
  6. Now Click the Bookmark that you made..
        This will start adding your friends in that Group

    To get maximum members to your facebook group..Request all your group members or friends to do the same..

    This JavaScript is tested successfully on browsers like mozila firefox and google chrome..and works fine on them.
    if you are facing any problem with this javaScript Comment below..i will try my best to sort that out..

    start adding your friends to groups before facebook block this script.. :)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Top 10 Vbscript Codings To Play Prank With Friends

Today i tried to bring out some of the Vb script(.vbs) coding by which we can able to play pranks with our friends..
This Vb script coding are not harmful in any sense.But use them carefully.. :)

1)Continually pop out your friend's CD Drive.

Description: This VBs coding is used to eject and insert cd drive of your friend's computer.
To use This Vb Script Just copy the vbs code given below on a notepad file and save it as myscript.vbs
To stop this Vb script..Open Task manager by Pressing ctrl+alt+del
and then click on Process tab and kill the process "Wscript.exe"

Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7")
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1
End If
wscript.sleep 5000

2) Toggle your friend's Caps Lock button simultaneously:

Description: This small VBs coding is used to Toggle Caps Lock Button Simultaneously.
To use This Vb Script Just copy the vbs code given below on notepad file and save it as myscript.vbs
To stop this Vb script..Open Task manager by Pressing ctrl+alt+del
and then click on Process tab and kill the process "Wscript.exe"

Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"

3) Frustrate your friend by hitting Enter simultaneously:

Description: This small VBs coding is used to press Enter Key Simultaneously.
To use This Vb Script Just copy the vbs code given below on notepad file and save it as myscript.vbs
To stop this Vb script..Open Task manager by Pressing ctrl+alt+del
and then click on Process tab and kill the process "Wscript.exe"

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "~(enter)"

4) Open Notepad, slowly type "Hello, how are you? I am good thanks" and freak your friend out:

Description: This VBs coding will open a notepad window and Type a message just like your computer is typing it automatically.
You can also modify message by changing the text under WshShell.SendKeys function.
To use This Vb Script Just copy the vbs code given below on notepad file and save it as myscript.vbs
To stop this Vb script..Open Task manager by Pressing ctrl+alt+del
and then click on Process tab and kill the process "Wscript.exe"

WScript.Sleep 180000
WScript.Sleep 10000
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.Run "notepad"
WScript.Sleep 100
WshShell.AppActivate "Notepad"
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "Hel"
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "lo "
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys ", ho"
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "w a"
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "re "
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "you"
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "? "
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "I a"
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "m g"
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "ood"
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys " th"
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "ank"
WScript.Sleep 500
WshShell.SendKeys "s! "

5) Frustrate your friend by making this Vb Script hit Backspace simultaneously:

Description: This VBs coding will press a backspace key simultaneously.
You can also modify message by changing the text under WshShell.SendKeys function.
To use This VBScript Just copy the vbs code given below on notepad file and save it as myscript.vbs
To stop this VBscript..Open Task manager by Pressing ctrl+alt+del
and then click on Process tab and kill the process "Wscript.exe"

MsgBox "Let's go back a few steps"
Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "{bs}"

6) Convey a Message Like "You are a fool" on your friends computer simultaneously:

Description: This VBs is a simpler version of VBScript that Type "Hello, how are you? I am good thanks".
Instead of that It will pop up a window on your friends computer and convey a message Like "You are a fool"
You can also modify message by changing the text under WshShell.SendKeys function.
To use This VBScript Just copy the vbs code given below on notepad file and save it as myscript.vbs
To stop this VBscript..Open Task manager by Pressing ctrl+alt+del
and then click on Process tab and kill the process "Wscript.exe"

Set wshShell = wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "You are a fool."

7)create your own text to speech convertor

Description: This VBs will create a text to speech convertor shell.
with the help of this VBscript you can convert your words to speech.
To use This VBScript Just copy the vbs code given below on notepad file and save it as myscript.vbs
To stop this VBscript..Open Task manager by Pressing ctrl+alt+del
and then click on Process tab and kill the process "Wscript.exe"

Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox("What do you want me to say?","Speak to Me")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak message

8)Play Windows Startup tone then convey a message..

Description: This VBs will First play your Windows startup tone then Convey a message on screen.
you can any message by changing "your message here" field.
To use This VBScript Just copy the vbs code given below on notepad file and save it as myscript.vbs
To stop this VBscript..Open Task manager by Pressing ctrl+alt+del
and then click on Process tab and kill the process "Wscript.exe"

Set objVoice = CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")
Set objFile = CreateObject("SAPI.SpFileStream.1")

objFile.Open "Windows XP Startup.wav"
objVoice.Speakstream objFile
Wscript.Echo "your message here"

9)Make Your Computer Speech Any Message

Description: This VBs will Make your computer speech by using microsoft assistant voice.
You can change the Speech message by changing "your message here" field.
To use This VBScript Just copy the vbs code given below on notepad file and save it as myscript.vbs
To stop this VBscript..Open Task manager by Pressing ctrl+alt+del
and then click on Process tab and kill the process "Wscript.exe"

On Error Resume Next

strAgentName2 = "MERLIN"
strAgentPath2 = "C:\Windows\Msagent\Chars\" & strAgentName2 & ".acs"
Set objAgent2 = CreateObject("Agent.Control.2")

objAgent2.Connected = TRUE
objAgent2.Characters.Load strAgentName2, strAgentPath2
Set objPeter = objAgent2.Characters.Character(strAgentName2)

objPeter.MoveTo 700,300

objPeter.Play "GetAttention"
objPeter.Play "GetAttentionReturn"

objPeter.Speak("your message here")

Wscript.Sleep 1000

Set objAction= objPeter.Hide

Do While objPeter.Visible = True
Wscript.Sleep 250

10)Check your Computer is Male Or Female

This Is really a cool Vb Script prank to check your computer's gender.
To use this Vb Script copy the below code on notepad and save it as myscript.vbs

CreateObject(“SAPI.SpVoice”).Speak "i love you"

Please Don't Misuse these VB scripts..For more cool tips and tricks..stay tune with us..
Sunday, 12 August 2012

How To Recover Deleted Data From Computer,Pendrive Or Memory Cards

Sometimes we face a difficult situation when we accidentally deleted our data from computer,memory cards or pen drives and want to get it back.Many times we are lucky to get back our deleted data from recycle bin but what if the deleted data also not found in recycle bin.

There are lots of freeware and as well as shareware software available in market that claims to recover deleted data from PC, pen drive or even memory cards..Some of them works great and remaining are just scraps.
so today we will concentrate on free data recovery software which actually recovers deleted data from pc.

So First of all how data recovery software works..?
When we delete a file on our computer the first place it goes is to the recycle bin. Emptying the recycle bin doesn’t actually remove it instead of, it only delete a link between our computer file system to deleted file and designates the space that file is using as free space for future use.So,until a new file overwrites that space the original file is present on your hard disk. So The data recovery software only rebuilt the links between deleted data to our computer file system.
  • Recover Deleted Data using Recuva: I put recuva at top of the list because its my favorite one.Its a handy simple data recovery software by which we can recover deleted files from our PC, pen drives,memory cards and so on.
    Download your free copy of recuva from here
    To recover files  Run the software and select which type of files you want to recover and select particular drive or location and allow it to scan.After scanning it will give you a option to recover all files or selected files from your deleted location.
  • Recover Delete Data using PC Inspector File Recovery: PC Inspector File Recovery is also a great software built to recover data from FAT and NTFS file systems.Working of PC Inspector File Recovery and Recuva Is almost same.they both scan for deleted data and give us a option to recover them.
    Download PC File Recovery from here
  • Recover Deleted Data using Pandora Recovery: The user interface of Pandora Recovery is about as straightforward.It Supports three kinds of searching modes Browse, Search, and Deep Scan and each has its own description so that you'll know which to choose.
    you can download free copy of this software from here
  • Recover Deleted Data using EASEUS: EASEUS is also a Free file recovery software to recover 1 GB files free of charge.It recovers files from formatted partitions with original file names and storage paths.It can also able to Recover files from Linux file system partition under Windows.
    To download EASEUS data Recovery Wizard Click here
  • Recover Deleted Data using Undelete Plus: Undelete plus is also a good file recovery softwareworks on Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 operating systems.This small software supports all Windows file systems for hard drives and floppy drives including FAT12/16/32,NTFS/NTFS5.
    Download undelete plus from here

We tried our best to enlist some of the great data recovery software..So what you think which is the best one among these...
Please leave your valuable comments.. :)
Thursday, 9 August 2012

Trick To Change Fonts On Facebook

To Be different on social networking sites like facebook is today’s trend. Everyone is personalizing his/her profile by giving some extra efforts in maintaining facebook cover photos, profile descriptions, so it looks attractive to others.  We have already discussed many secrete facebook tricks on techwarlock to impress others.
Today its time to explore one more secrete trick on how to change the chat fonts on facebook.
As you know there is no inbuilt feature present in facebook to change chat fonts to some stylish fonts, but we can able to do that by using some third party sites.
Don’t worry...You don’t have to install any facebook application or anything on your profile.
The Overall Process to use stylish fonts on facebook is quite simple & we use a third party website as a simple text to stylish text convertor.

So without taking much of your time here is a small trick on "how to use stylish fonts on facebook":

  • At the middle of page you will find a text editor like program.
  • Start typing your message in text box .You can also able to see a stylish text preview which is generated just below the text box.

  • Copy the code which is generated text box.
    For i.e.: [[159590240834041]][[159590260834039]][[159590007500731]]
  • Paste the copied code in facebook chat box and press enter.

Bingo!! Facebook chat fonts got changed…

So..Start to impress your friends by using this cool facebook trick now..
Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Trick To Upload Images To Google Image Search

In A open survey of 2012, It is proven that Google image search engine is first choice of image surfers in term to grab the desired image.Google image search engine has the biggest collection of images from all over the internet that turns it into a leading search engine.
Have you ever tried to upload your images on google images.?
If No,then don't even try to find a upload button on google images search.because google doesn't have a facility to upload images directly to this giant search engine..

But still there are certain ways by which we can able to upload our images to google images.but before going further i want will give some lime light on google image search.
Google image search engine also works as the traditional Google web text search engine.
On a client request google text search engine searches for text or phrases on a page and deliver them instantly to its client, While google image search engine searches for alter text,picture name,or description of selected picture and if matched then it will passed for us on image search results

To upload pictures on google image search follow these steps:

There is a common misconception between people that there is a direct way by which we can able to upload images to google, But this is not true.

we can not submit our images directly to google images,after all its not a image hosting image search is a search engine for images and search engine fetches results from sites in its index.

If you want to upload our personal or business images on google then firstly you have to submit that images to picasa,flicker or any Personal or commercial blog or site.

To upload images on google with Picasa follow these steps:

  • Click Upload.
  • Set your album title.
  • Click Choose photos to upload.
  • After the images upload, hover over a thumbnail to add a caption,google use this caption to set keywords for images.its recommended to use a suitable caption because with the help of this caption you can able to search your images over google images.
  • Click OK.

To upload images on google with flicker follow these steps:

  • open
  • Click the "Upload" link on top of the page. a "Web Uploader" interface appears.
  • Click "Choose photos and videos" link in the center of the page. Select files from Your Computer.
  • Choose a privacy setting.
  • Click the "Upload Photos and Videos" button.
  • Add Suitable tags, change the picture's title and write a short description of the image on the next page, if desired.
  • Click "Save" and you are done.

To upload images on google with Blog/Sites article follow these steps:

You can also able to embedded desired image with your blog or site posts with suitable description.after crawling of your blog you can able to see that in image results.

NOTE: Above all three methods take some time approx 2-3 days to be able to show your images on google image search because of search engine crawling reasons.
Monday, 6 August 2012

Trick To Reset Password For Samsung Mobile Phone

We already covered topics like memory card unlocking on techwarlock.Yesterday "Satish" a techwarlock reader asked us that how to reset the password for Samsung mobile phone. So,we are going to write a article on "Trick to Reset Password For Samsung Mobile Phone".

Many times we forget our mobile phone password that is really hard to recover.But very less of us knows that Samsung mobile offers a code by which we can able to reset our mobile phone password by restoring it to default.

So here's the working trick on "How to Reset password For Samsung Mobile Phone".

  • First Type *2767*3855#
  • Then Press "Green" or "Calling" Button.

    This will reset the Password of your mobile phone to  default Security code by resetting the settings of your mobile phone to factory settings.

    Note: This trick will delete all the messages and contacts of your mobile phone.

    Comments will be appreciated..
Friday, 3 August 2012

Know How To Post .gif images On facebook

Have you ever wondered on how to post .gif images on facebook ..If ‘yes’ then your long wait is going to be over now. There are thousands of the peoples in forums asking the similar question “how to post a .gif image on facebook” but there is nobody who can answer this Question because officially facebook doesn’t provide a facility to upload and post .gif images.
If we try to upload a .gif image then it is converted into a .jpg by their servers but beyond this there is a possible way by which we can able to post .gif images on facebook or we can set a .gif image as our facebook timeline cover.

To post a .gif image on facebook Or to set a .gif image as facebook timeline cover follow these steps:
  • Login on your facebook account.
  • Click on This Link .You will see A animated image.(Animation of This Image is prevented by facebook  Since 6th August 2012 After Recent Facebook timeline Upgradation.So this image is not working now.we will shortly update this post with a new link.Sorry For Your Inconvenience.)
  • If you want to post that image on your wall simply clicks on “share” button. it will posted to your wall.
  • If you want to use that .gif image as facebook timeline cover than click On “tag photo” and tag yourself or whomever you want.
  • I will accept your tag request as soon as possible.
  • After that go to your profile Set that picture as your timeline cover.

Done!! View Your Profile You Had set a .gif image as your timeline cover.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How Can I Get Thousands Of Subscribers On Facebook Trick

Recently Facebook had introduced A new Feature Of Subscription. Facebook subscription is really a trending topic in internet forums where number of people is asking the similar Question "How Can I Get thousands Of Subscribers On Facebook"

"In Facebook Terms Subscription feature means Hear from people you’re interested in, even if you’re not friends."
Means If You Subscribe To Anybody Then You Can Able To Get His Public Updates on your wall.

Many Cyber Security Specialists are Saying That This Feature Is Going To Leak Personal Information of People...On The Other Hand Many People Find This Feature Useful Just Because They Can Now Able To Keep In A Touch With Their Favorite Celebrity.

If You are not using Subscription feature yet..
then you can activate it by 

Go To   and check mark on allow subscribers or alternatively you can go to Account Settings then Subscribers Tab and check Mark The Allow Subscribers as You Can See In The Image Below..Make Sure Your Age Is above 18 in your profile  to activate allow subscription feature.

From the launch of this superb feature Many People from All Over The Globe Subscribing Their Favorite Celebrities,Role Models,Favorite Sportsmen etc to keep in a touch with them..

Do You Know Mark Zukerberg has More Than 15 million Subscribers...:-) 
Why not..After all he is a founder of world's #2  site.
One Thing Is Clear that The More Subscribers we Have...The More Value we Have..

So Now A Common Question Is Rising in Your Mind That Is "How Can I Get thousands Of Subscribers On Facebook"...?

There are lot of People All over The Net Who Are Saying That They Have Auto-Subscribers Script For Facebook...But  frankly speaking I Didn't Found Any Working Script Yet...That scripts are just scams.

Now all we have to do is follow some of the white hat tricks to increase facebook subscribers.
So below are some tricks to get friend requests as well as subscribers...

Note: We get subscribers only when,we don't accept incoming friend request.if we start to accept incoming friend request then we will never see a increase in subscribers so if want to increase subscribers then don't accept any of the incoming friend requests.

  • Update Your Profile: Profile details are the only thing that gives a first impression of us to our profile visitors.People rarely Send Friend requests to those who have a incomplete or less attractive profile.
    I Recommend To Fill up all profile details before proceeding Don't leave a single field empty.
  • Keep Sharing Things Publicly : Share Interesting Content with Your Profile and Tag Peoples as much as you can..this will drive attention of peoples towards your profile and they will start to send request to you.
    while Sharing Things make Sure That you change the visibility level of your post from friends to public.

  • Be A Source Of Knowledge : Participate in groups,pages,events,communities and help others this will Surely bring a increase in subscribers.

  • Get 1000 Subscribers By Facebook Suggest A Friend Feature: Yes..we can able to get thousands of subscribers very fast by suggest friend feature.The Only we have to do is to say some of our good friends to suggest Some facebook friends of theirs to us.
    for i.e If 5 of your friends suggest 50 facebook friends of them each then you will get 250 friend suggestion request.lets say 200 of 250 peoples send you a friend request then you will get 200 new subscribers without doing anything. 
    don't react on that friend suggestion request because if you send a request to anybody then they will get a new subscriber you will not get anything.just wait for sometime to friend requests to come.

  • You Subscribe Me I Will Subscribe You back: This is another way to get many subscribers easily.There are lots of  facebook pages where we can subscribe to anyone and possibly they will subscribe us back.
    some of  facebook subscribers page url are

  • Facebook Subscribe Button Widget : If you have a website/blog then its very easy to get ton's of subscribers by just adding a facebook subscribe button widget to can create a subscribe button for your blog or site from here

  • Promote Yourself : Promote your profile to some of the biggest facebook groups with tag line like "please subscribe me..i will subscribe you back" or anything promising.
    There are many other peoples who are also in need of subscribers.they will surly subscribe you.

Please Leave your valuable comments ..
Sunday, 22 July 2012

Know How To Develop A Simple Android Application

" This Awesome Article Is A Gift From Mygapu Vandana To Techwarlock.
She had Done A Very Hard Work To Keep This Article Simple,understandable And Efficient For Peoples Who Want To Develop Their Own Android Application.
You Can Contact Her On
A Big Thanks From Team Techwarlock To Her... :) "

So Friends Lets Start A Journey Towards Android Application Development...

There are numerous advantages to developing applications For Android Mobile Operating System. With the right Selection of  tools, You Can do Whatever You Want to Do With OS.You can create applications for Android and then test them on an Android simulator before loading them onto an actual Android Phone.
The future of the Android platform looks bright for Android application developers who love to have access to everything.Android Application Development Is Really Simple,If You Are A Java Developer Then It Will Look Like A Children Game.
If You Don't Know Much About Programming Language Or Doesn't Have A Prior Knowledge Of Android Application Development Then Don't Worry This Article Will Reboot You In A Developer's Mode. :)

For developing the mobile apps (application) in java, J2ME (java micro/mobile edition) is generally required but
Android is not strictly a J2ME-compatible platform; however, the Java programming environment found in Android is a plus for J2ME developers. Also, as Android matures, it is very likely that J2ME support will be added in some fashion. Android is primarily developed by Google.

What is Android?
Android is an operating system based on Linux with a Java programming interface. The Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) provides all necessary tools to develop Android applications. This includes a compiler, debugger and a device emulator, as well as its own virtual machine to run Android programs.Remember Android is just a software environment built for mobile devices. It is not a hardware platform. Android allows background processing, provides a rich user interface library, supports 2-D and 3-D graphics using the OpenGL libraries, access to the file system and provides an embedded SQLite database and much more. And, yes, even telephone functionality is included! While components of the underlying OS are written in C or C++, user applications are built for Android in Java. Even the built-in applications are written in Java however we can still develop the Android apps in C/C++ using NDK(Native Development kit) provided by android platform.

Application components are the essential building blocks of an Android application. The four types of application components:-
1. Activities: - An activity represents a single screen with a user interface. For example, an email application might have one activity that shows a list of new emails, another activity to compose an email, and another activity for reading emails.

2. Services: - A service is a component that runs in the background to perform long-running operations or to perform work for remote processes. A service does not provide a user interface. For example, a service might play music in the background while the user is in a different application, or it might fetch data over the network without blocking user interaction with an activity.

3. Content providers: - A content provider manages a shared set of application data. You can store the data in the file system, a SQLite database, on the web, or any other persistent storage location your application can access.

4. Broadcast receivers: - A broadcast receiver is a component that responds to system-wide broadcast announcements. Many broadcasts originate from the system—for example, a broadcast announcing that the screen has turned off, the battery is low, or a picture was captured.

Android applications consist of different components and can re-use components of other applications. This leads to the concept of a task in Android; an application can re-use other Android components to archive a task.

For example you can write an application which uses the Android Gallery application to pick a photo.

But Before Started To Write Your Own First Android Application You must Have To Set up Your PC Environment To Develop Your Application..

To Setup A Environment For Android Application Development On Your Computer..
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